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Capsiplex Sport is the ideal supplement if you want to burn off fat or build muscle with your regular exercise routine. It’s a powerful pre-workout supplement that is also designed to help you get more from your training sessions.

By taking one capsule a day with water before starting to exercise, you will quickly notice a difference in the results of your workout sessions, without needing to take any more caffeine-based energy supplements or sports drinks.

Energy drinks and other supplements are unnecessary when you take Capsiplex Sport – just one capsule thirty minutes before you begin to exercise will fire you up for fitness and make you more energetic during physical training.

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Safe Natural Formula


You only need to take one capsule a day for all the natural ingredients in Capsiplex Sport to give your energy levels a boost and sustain your motivation.

There are no harmful side effects from taking one capsule a day. Capsiplex Sport has a safe, powerful and proven formula that provides extra energy without any additional fatigue or any physical discomfort. It increases endurance and builds strength by helping to develop firm muscles faster.

Capsiplex Sport contains natural ingredients that stimulate the process of breaking down fat in the body. These safe ingredients are also known to sharpen concentration and will help to maintain a healthy heart. They regulate fluid and electrolyte levels and reduce fatigue after working out.

The main ingredient in Capsiplex Sport is capsicum, a natural extract found in red chilli peppers. Chilli is known to be the best spice for speeding up the body’s metabolic rate through a process known as thermogenesis.


No Side Effects


What makes Capsiplex Sport so different is that you will not suffer any of the affects of eating raw chillies. There is no irritation or discomfort caused because each capsule is a beadlet that is designed to retain the capsicum extract so it can’t be released before it has passed through the delicate parts of your stomach.

Caffeine is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements and Capsiplex Sport contains a tiny amount. This acts as a stimulant in addition to all the natural ingredients that are proven to work. However, unlike most caffeine-based sports drinks and energy supplements, there are no unpleasant side effects with Capsiplex Sport.

How You Burn More Calories With Capsiplex Sport


Capsaicin is the element that gives chilli peppers their heat. The affect this heat has on the body is very similar to the sort of body heat heat generated by physical effort. With Capsiplex Sport, the heat starts to build up in your body before you even begin to exercise and the more your body heats up, the more your energy levels increase.

In addition to the heat affects of capsaicin, Capsiplex Sport provides your body with additional healthy nutrients. Magnesium, potassium and Vitamin C are all essential for good health and fitness.

There are also elements in Capsiplex Sport to prevent tiredness and help you to stay alert. The amino acid, L-Arginine, encourages the body to produce more nitric oxide. Replenishing levels of nictric oxide, which normally drop during exercise, ensures that your muscles receive more oxygen through increased blood flow. This allows your body to recover faster from exercise and makes you more energetic.

Piperine is another natural ingredient in Capsiplex Sport. It’s a well known for allowing the body to obtain more of the nutrients contained in the food you eat. Piperine, which is obtained from black pepper, also provides more calorie-burning heat.

When you want to burn off extra calories and keep up your exercise routine for longer, one Capsiplex Sport capsule a day, taken with water, is all that is necessary.

Give Yourself That Extra Push


  • capsiplex-sport fat burnersConsume Minimal Calories Before You Exercise
  • Burn More Fat While You Exercise
  • Gives You More Energy & Vitality
  • Burn 278 Extra Calories Each Day
  • Save Up To 50% On Your Order
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee For New Customers

Capsiplex Sport is approved for use by top athletes and is recommended for anyone who wants to achieve more when working out, toning up or building up muscle at the gym.

By making Capsiplex Sport your choice of pre-workout supplement, you won’t need to buy any energy drinks or any supplements with side effects. With just one capsule a day you will notice a big difference when you’re at the gym – and long after you’ve finished exercising.

Remember, if you try Capsiplex Sport and you’re not happy with the results simply return the remaining unused supplement pills within 67 days for a full refund*.

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