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capsiplex clinically proven to help you lose weight

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Capsiplex Is Scientifically Proven To Help You Increase Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Quickly.

People are successfully losing weight with Capsiplex because it’s a diet pill that is backed up by more than thirty years of clinical studies and medical research.

You may not be aware that most slimming products on the market are not clinically approved or that there is little proof that their ingredients are effective in promoting weight loss.

Capsiplex is clinically approved because medical studies of the formula show that it allows dieters to reach a weight loss goal quicker and more easily.

This is why Capsiplex is such a popular weight loss supplement and why so many people love it.

“You will burn an extra 278 calories were burned in total before exercise, during exercise and for an hour after exercising when taking Capsiplex.” Right now, you can also save up to 50% direct on Capsiplex’s official website.



Boost Your Metabolism For Faster Weight Loss


You will burn more carbohydrates and fats because Capsiplex increases your energy expenditure and raises your metabolic rate.

Capsiplex is clinically approved because it’s so effective at burning off calories through a combination of natural nutrients that increase the body’s resting rate of metabolism.

All the metabolism-boosting ingredients in Capsiplex are all entirely natural. The plants and liquids they come from have been safely consumed for many centuries.

Stimulating ingredients are blended with piperine, a natural extract from black pepper that allows the body to absorb nutrients faster.

Extract of capsicum, which is found naturally in hot red peppers, is the main ingredient in Capsiplex. The capsicum is combined with niacin, otherwise known as Vitamin B3, and caffeine, which is a natural stimulant.

Weight loss with Capsiplex was shown to be effective in clinical studies that proved it can work on its own, as well as when physical exercise is involved.

Burning Calories


The extra calories you will burn when using Capsiplex has been assessed in a clinical trial that took place at the University of Oklahoma.

Participants who took Capsiplex burned a lot more calories more than those who were taking a placebo.

The amount of extra calories burned was measured before and after exercising, and while participants were exercising for an hour on a treadmill.



Capsiplex Doctor

What does this mean for you? You will burn an extra 278 calories were burned in total before exercise, during exercise and for an hour after exercising when taking Capsiplex.

To burn the same amount of extra calories without Capsiplex would require jogging for twenty-five minutes at six miles per hour or a moderate pace of walking maintained for an hour and twenty minutes.

The number of calories burned in the clinical trial was the same amoutn contained in half a bagel topped with full-fat cream cheese, two chocolate chip cookies, one slice of plain cheese pizza and one hamburger!

Those trial subjects who took Capsiplex reported that they did not feel as if they were exerting themselves more than usual, although it was clinically proved that they were expending more energy than those on a placebo.

During exercise they burned three percent more calories. Even before starting to exercise they were burning three-times more calories than participants who took a placebo.

Participants taking Capsiplex burned twelve times more calories for up to an hour after exercising, compared to results from those took a placebo.

Increased energy expenditure also has a beneficial effect on other metabolic processes in the body.

Test results showed that, in the post-exercise period, people taking Capsiplex had an increased amount of airflow going through their lungs.

During an hour of exercise they showed an average 7.5 percent greater oxygen uptake, and they all had a faster recovery in the post-exercise period.

It’s little wonder that Capsiplex is clinically approved!

Capsiplex Dr Karen Viera

As a result of medial trials at the University of Oaklahoma, Dr. Karen Viera concluded that the formula is effective for weight loss. The product is clinically approved because of the patented system involved in its production.

Most weight loss supplements that include capsicum extract, which comes from hot peppers, are liable to cause internal discomfort or pain, without being very effective.

Dr.Viera praised the patented blending system used by Capsiplex, which delivers a highly concentrated amount of capsicum without any risk of irritation of the stomach or inside the mouth.

The coating on a Capsiplex diet pill is broken down by the intestines, where it releases capsicum into a high pH environment. Then it is completely absorbed, so there is no burning sensation experienced during bowel movements.

The concentration of capsicum has an antioxidant effect. It reduces fat accumulation in the liver. It lowers glucose levels and blood triglycerides and also reduces levels of cholesterol levels in the blood.


Other Clinically Approved Benefits


  • Lowers Your Appetite

Capsaicinoids affects levels of appetite and reduce food intake. When combined with caffeine it reduces energy intake and stimulates beta adrenergic receptors that enhances energy expenditure.


  • Higher Energy Expenditure

Capsaicinoids enhance the process of thermogenesis, which increases the burning of calories


  • Reduces Your Body Weight

Capsaicinoids cause a percentage of body fat to be lost through thermogenesis, so there is less body mass and the waist size is reduced.


  • Sustained Weight Loss

Capsaicinoids control levels of triacyclgycerol, blood glucose and insulin, which are critical markers of weight maintenance.

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